5 comments on “To Eggert Road School With Love

  1. I had Miss Westenfelder in 1967…and my Mom had her in 1946! She was a lovely human being who cared about each student she had. I’ll always remember her as one of my favorite teachers. God bless and godspeed Miss Westenfelder.


  2. I went to ERS and in 1968 I was not in Mrs. Westenfelder’s class in 6th grade but Mrs. Underwood’s class. Unlike many other teachers, everyone knew her and loved her (even if you weren’t in her class) She knew my name even though I wasn’t in her class. Anyway, it was her and the art teacher Mrs. Gretcen Sweet that inspired me to become a teacher myself, years later 🙂
    Good teachers are never forgotten and will always have a forever impact on so many lives!


  3. I was one of 988 lucky students who had Ruth Westenfelder as a teacher. She instilled a love of reading in her students and taught us to be our best; look our best and do our best. She was patient and kind and when I think of my time at the E.R.S. she is the person I will remember the most. Thank you Miss Westenfelder! You inspired me and all who were lucky enough to call you their teacher!


  4. I didn’t have Miss Westenfelder for a teacher. I was in Mr. Wallace’s 6th grade class. Her class room was next door and we shared activities. She was great and always had something going.
    Our two classes did a Greek play to gather. I was in the chorus and wore a white toga. It was made out of bed sheets, I liked so much I wanted to keep it on.
    We put to gather a graduation program, which I still have. Unfortunately, I can’t find it at the moment. I still know our school song, “I raise in deep devotion”.


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